About Our Courses  

Some people have asked how U3A Adelaide Hills, decides what courses/sessions to offer. The answer is easy – it depends on finding someone to run/deliver the course or session.


An example is the  Blues Legends course which started in 2018. David offered (was persuaded!) to do it, and had enough interested people to start. It’s then a matter of finding a time and venue to suit. Sometimes members have suggestions for courses or one-offs. In that case, we would ask the member if they know anyone to deliver it.


We, the committee, really don’t always have the time or knowledge to find appropriate people to deliver courses or sessions. However, we would always encourage our members to keep offering suggestions, hopefully backed up with a little research! Our Course Organiser does a great job of finding interesting places for us to visit, but finding an expert on a particular topic is much harder! Occasionally we may refer members to other venues which offer the courses they are seeking.


An example is the constant requests we get to run courses in computing/smart phones/tablets etc. This has been tried previously, but as everyone has different technology and different capabilities it is almost impossible to satisfy all demands.

Having been a keen photographer all their life, and quite comfortable with a digital camera, one of our members remembers once joining a course in digital photography editing. One of the participants didn’t know the simple techniques of how to download the photos from their camera to the computer; so much of the time was devoted to this and many participants who were hoping to gain useful insights into editing, went away frustrated, including the leader. This is why criteria are often stated as a prerequisite to undertaking a course, particularly with our language courses and we would ask that you please check this or check with the course presenter if you are uncertain, before signing up.

For those wanting personalised computer help, The Hut offers one-hour 1 on 1 sessions for a donation of $5. Members have used this service and found it very useful. Ring The Hut on (08) 8339 4400 to make an appointment. Alternatively, a regular Tablets and i Pads session is held most Fridays at the Coventry Library at Stirling. Ring (08) 8408 0420 for more details.