Organisers:    Heather Rowell 0148 835 280

                        Jenny Twigden 0419 833 546

Presenters :   Various - see below.

Venue:            The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Rd, Bridgewater,


Day:                 Third Thursday of the Month  2020  (except school holidays)


Time:                 10.00am - 12noon           


Feb 18 - Private Gardens of Morocco

Presenter Dr John Holmes (Hills Green Thumb Garden Club)

John will take us on a visual tour through 25 private springtime Moroccan gardens of horticulturists, landscape designers and those who employ such specialists. We will cross very diverse landscapes during the presentation



March 18 - Native Orchids 

Presenter: Rosemary Lawrence

Where native orchids fit in the environment and how we as individuals can look after them.


May 20 - Heritage Apples

Presenter Brenton  Koortman (Rare Fruit Society of SA)

The rare fruit Society promotes the interest, cultivation & preservation of heritage fruit varieties, and has an extensive arboretum of rare fruit trees at Kanmantoo. Brenton will talk about heritage apples and their cultivation, and will bring some heritage apples to taste!

June 17 - Iris Society

Presenter Colleen Modra (The Iris Society)

Colleen is passionate about irises, she will share her vast knowledge of the subject, will have plants to show and hopefully will have some for sale.

August 19 - Balhanna Nurseries

Presenter Sam Luke

Sam is Manager of the Nurseries, wholesale suppliers of deciduous fruit and ornamental trees. He will talk about their services, what to plant in small places, dwarf form trees and espalier techniques.

Sept 16 - Knowing, Growing and Eating Australian   Native Plants   


Presenter: Neville Bonney – native plant expert & author

The session will take the form of a low-key chat about growing and preparing native plants for eating. Neville will bring plant samples along with plants and  books for sale.


Oct 21 - Garden Visit, 23 Heathfield Road, Heathfield

Presenter Lisa Ward

Lisa has been developing her three acre garden with a focus on creating layers and playing with combinations of structure, colour and scale. Her horticultural skills and artist's eye will be evident as we wander through her imaginative plantings.


Nov 18 - A big SURPRISE!!!!!!!!