General Interest



Organiser:     Mark Randell   0429 679 317

Presenter:     Dr. Fred Guilhaus

Venue:          The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Rd, Bridgewater

Day:              Wed, fortnightly

Starts:           5th Feb - 9th Dec (except school hols)

Time:            10am - 12 noon


On-going course covering world events, Australian politics, economic climate and stock market analyses.  Each participant contributes to joint discussion and gives their opinion of prospective share stocks.  New participants must have some knowledge of finance & stock market affairs.


Presenter:   Tony Rogers   0402 414 150

Venue:        CFS Hall, 21 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate                                                        

Day:            1st & 3rd  Thursdays (except school hols)

Starts:         6th Feb. – 3rd Dec

Time:          10am - 12noon

We look at what history is, what it is not and what it can do for you. We discuss the gathering of information and the writing of history. There will be a particular emphasis on talking to people: developing effective interview techniques to gather oral information, putting that information into written form and then using the evidence to ask questions of the past. This course will help you write the history you want to write.



Organiser:    Susan Smalldon  0403 857 600

Presenter:    Jo Raynor (Arthritis SA)

Venue:          Coventry Library, Stirling 

Date:             Friday 7th February

Time:            10:00 am – 12:00 noon


This session will provide a general introduction to the most common forms of arthritis and the treatment and management options available. It will also include information and simple tips to help you cope with arthritis pain.



Organiser:             Susan Smalldon  0403 857 600

Presenter:             Dr Tony Rogers

Venue:                   Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:                       Friday  21st February (once only)

Time:                     10:00am – 12:00 noon


Charles Todd came to Adelaide as an ambitious 29 year old in 1855. The first Government Astronomer and Meteorologist in SA, his pioneering work in these fields remains important today. Local historian, author and academic, Tony Rogers' recently published book, ‘The Weatherman from Greenwich’, explores Todd’s fascinating life as a meteorologist in the young colony. These were exciting times. We learn not just about Todd, but much about daily life in England and in SA where the settlers were already forging a different community.

City of Churches? You may be surprised!



Presenter:       Mark Randell  0429 679 317

Venue:             Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:                 Friday  (once only)

Date:               20th March

Time:               10am - 12 noon


Did you know that the east coast of Australia was discovered by the Portuguese 250 years before Captain Cook? Kenneth McIntyre in his excellent book of the same title argues convincingly for Portuguese priority, but many ‘experts’ think otherwise!


Presenter:       Mark Randell  0429 679 317

Venue:            Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:                Friday (once only)

Date:               15th May

Time:              10am - 12 noon


Relive the epic tale of Shackleton’s voyage to Antarctica in 1915 through the amazing photographs of Frank Hurley. The ship Endurance was gripped in ice floes and eventually sank leaving the crew of 28 men living under upturned boats. Rescue came about two years later and, miraculously, all survived.


Organiser:     Jean Mur  8339 4193, 0427 417 005

Presenter:      Louise Rogers

Venue:           The Oak, Uniting Church 409 Mt Barker Road Bridgewater

Day:               Wednesday 25th March (once only)

Time:              2pm - 4 pm

Red Goes Faster is a charity that provides all terrain wheelchairs for children in Morocco. Mothers often carry their disabled children on their back until they become too big and then are unable to leave the house. Since its beginnings in 2014, the organisation has provided approximately 460 wheelchairs for Moroccan children, both in the cities and in rural and remote areas.