General Interest



Organiser:     Mark Randell   0429 679 317

Presenter:     Dr. Fred Guilhaus

Venue:          The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Rd, Bridgewater

Day:              Wed, fortnightly

Starts:           3rd Feb - 8th Dec (except school hols)

Time:            10am - 12 noon


On-going course covering world events, Australian politics, economic climate and stock market analyses.  Each participant contributes to joint discussion and gives their opinion of prospective share stocks.  All welcome, but some knowledge of share trading preferred.

G6  Film Club

Presenter       Frank Robertson 0418 448 654

Venue             Mt Barker Community Centre, Dumas Road.

Day:                2nd Wednesday of the month

Starts:            10th Feb - 8th Dec (except school holidays

Time:              1.00pm - 3.00pm

An opportunity to see films not readily available any more. Watch and discuss a wide range of classic films in a friendly, relaxed environment, commencing with Fair Wind To Java starring Fred MacMurray and Vera Ralston - romance, adventure, mystery, volcanoes .... it has the lot! Choice of feature films will be influenced by the group. Join us in the fun. BYO Jaffas!

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G2  Mt Barker, the Place & the People

Organiser - Susan Smalldon 0403 857 600

Presenter:   Yvonne Routledge

Venue:        Mt Barker Town Hall, Gawler Street 


Day:            Wednesday 10th February

Time:          10am - 12noon

Please join us for this fascinating local history talk by well-respected historian, museum curator and author. Yvonne will cover Mt Barker's place, its environment and the people who have lived there and how they have impacted the area over time. 

Featuring the many centuries of settlement by the Peramangk people and their connection as caretakers and preservers of the land and through the years of white settlement with Mount Barker as self-contained country town to the recent settlement of the 'overnighters', who have homes in Mt Barker but work and spend much of their time away from the area.

G3  Beekeeping Explained

Organiser:    Geoff Edwards 0475 404 892

Presenter:    Keith Clark

Venue:          The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Road, Bridgewater 

Date:             Monday 15th March

Time:            1.00pm - 3.00pm


For those interested in keeping bees or just keen to know more about the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping.

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G4 Interwoven Lives

Presenter:           Janet Hemsley 0428 844 097

Venue:                 Mt Barker Town Hall, Gawler Street

Day:                     Monday 3rd May

Time:                   1.30pm - 3.30pm


Starting in 1914 and to the present day, hear the stories of women from Central Australia who made a difference and how their lives touched each other in surprising and interesting ways. Their contribution was important.

G5  The Holtermann Collection

Presenter:          Mark Randell

Venue:                Mt Barker Town Hall, Gawler Street

Day:                    Friday 14th May

Time:                  10.00am - 12 noon

In 1951 an amazing collection of glass plate negatives were recovered from a garden shed in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood. The photographs were taken in the 1870s by Beaufoy Merlin and assistant Charles Bayliss under the patronage of wealthy miner Bernhardt Holtermann. Hear the story of bonanza mining, wet plate photographic methods and boom-and-bust townships. The presentation will include a selection of images showing every day life in an earlier era.



Presenter:       Mark Randell  0429 679 317

Venue:             Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:                 Tuesday 8th June

Time:               10am - 12 noon


Did you know that the east coast of Australia was discovered by the Portuguese 250 years before Captain Cook? Kenneth McIntyre in his excellent book of the same title argues convincingly for Portuguese priority, but many ‘experts’ think otherwise!

G8  The Remarkable Ted Both - Australia's Edison

Organiser:       Mark Randell  0429 679 317

Presenter        Clive Pay

Venue:             Mt Barker Town Hall, Gawler Street

Day:                 Friday 9th Feb

Time:               10am - 12 noon

Ted Both (1907 - 1966) was a  South Australian inventor with hundreds of devices (industrial and medical) to his credit. Of particular note was his Electrocardiograph of 1934 which is now used universally.