Members wishing to join either of the FRENCH language courses for the first time must contact the course presenter to ensure that you are enrolling with the most appropriate group. Continuing students will have priority but please enrol ASAP.


Presenter:   Helen Hughes  0407 720 168

Venue:         Mt Barker Community Centre, Dumas Road, Mt Barker

Day:             Tuesday, weekly

Starts:          2nd Feb - 7th Dec (excluding school hols)

Time:            2.30pm - 4.30pm


French 4 An intermediate course of continuing study; grammar, geography, history, culture and current affairs.  Written work incorporates comprehension, description and story writing.  Oral work focuses on dictée, weekly conversation and aural comprehension.


Texts: Schaum French Grammar, A New French Course Pt 3 by Horan and Wheeler (Science Press)


French 6  Ongoing revision of grammar as well as new points; enhancing geography, history and culture, awareness of current affairs.  Specific focus on conversation, written and aural comprehension and the development of prose writing skills. 


Texts: Schaum French Grammar, A New French Course Pt 4 by  Horan  and Wheeler (Science Press), Communications &  Communiqué by  David Sprake (O.U.P.)


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L3   FRENCH FOR FUN with Didi, Jan & Laurel


Presenter:    Didy Pederick   0418 608 090

Venue:          Anne Jolly Hall, 2 Epiphany Place, Crafers

                      409 Mt Barker Road, Bridgewater

Day:            Thursday, weekly (excluding school hols)

Starts:         4th Feb – 9th Dec

Time:          10am - 12 noon


A flexible course which aims to give participants a good foundation in French conversation, language structure and culture, with an emphasis on enjoyment, appreciation, and the nurturing of confidence. Texts, which form the basis of the grammatical components, will be augmented with reference to websites, other texts, DVDs and other thematic material.  

Texts: Easy French, Step by Step (McGraw Hill, available from Dymocks or online) and The French Experience 1 (BBC course book and CD).



Presenter:     Jane Russell   0411 580 655

Venue:           CFS Hall, 21 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate 


Day:              Wednesday, weekly

Dates:           3rd  Feb - 8th Dec (excluding school hols)

Time:            10am - 12.00 noon


A new course this year aimed at people who have never studied Italian or those who choose to start from the very beginning.


Talk Italian 1 +(CD) / Alwena Lamping ISBN 1406678996 

Schaum's Outline of Italian Grammar, 4th Edition. Short Stories in Italian for Beginners / Olly Richards. Dictionary of your choice (or use word reference online). Books available at  



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