Presenter:  Merrilie Rowley 0400 268 214.   

Venue:        The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Rd Bridgewater

Day:            4th Monday of month (including public holidays)

Starts:        22nd February - 22nd November 2021

Time:          1.00 - 2.30pm 


As we can't travel overseas in the normal way, it seems a good idea to travel in an armchair reading a detective story! The following crime fiction is a mixture of old and new writers. To simplify obtaining specific titles, Merrilie has indicated that you can choose any title in a particular series for some of the books.

Jun 28    Garenthill - Denise Mina

Jul 26     Any Inspector - Ikmen Mystery

Aug 23   The Darkest Day - Haaken Nesser

Sept 27   Any Inspector Montalbano - Andrea Camilleri

Oct 25     Any Dr Siri Mystery - Colin Cotteril

Nov 22    Peace - Gary Disher

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Presenter:  Jackie Mussared  Ph: 0417 842 694

Venue:        Community Room, Coventry Library, Stirling

Starts:        3rd February – 1st December 2021

Time:          1.30 - 3.30 pm 

Day:            First and third Wednesday of the month


Do you find poetry a mystery but enjoy song lyrics & jingles? Come along and discover how straightforward poetry really is. Learn to appreciate it by studying the poets' techniques and the context in which it was written. A range of old and new poems are studied.




Presenter:   Merrilie Rowley   0400 268 214

Venue:         The Oak, 409 Mt Barker Rd, Bridgewater 

Starts:         8th Feb – 13th December 2021 (through school holidays)

Time:           2.00pm - 3.30pm 

Date:            2nd Monday of the month incl. public holidays


We are a relaxed and enthusiastic group of readers who enjoy discussing our monthly book. The first book on the list will be read over the Christmas holidays in preparation for the first meeting in February. Members source their own books.


Jul 12th     The Art of the Engine Driver - Steven Carrol 

Aug 9th      Wise Children -  Angela Carter

Sep 13th    The Road Home - Rose Tremain

Oct 11th     The Single Man - Chris Isherwood

Nov 8th      The Gentleman in Moscow - Adam Towler

Dec 13th    Blood - Tony Birch 


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Presenter:  Tony Rogers

Venue:        Mt Barker Library, Dumas Street

Day:           Thursday, weekly (excluding school holidays)

Starts:        4th February– 19th December 2021

Time:         2.00pm - 3.30pm

Creative writing is a way of expressing yourself, entertaining others and of sharing one's experiences. You can pretend anything you want and help your readers do the same. 

If you have stories and ideas you would like to put on paper, come and get some hints - you may find it is more fun than you expected.  If you are already a keen writer, then share your ideas.  The course will be structured around participant's interests and needs.




Presenter:   Nina Chicco  Ph: 8339 3775   0400 425 123

Venue:         Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:             Friday, fortnightly (excluding school holidays)

Starts:         5th Feb - 10th December 2020

Time:           2pm - 4pm

This is an extended course because of the interruption in 2020 due to Covid 19. We begin with The Great Gatsby  and Catcher in the Rye. Other works will be chosen later on in the year. New members welcome!

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