Day:            First and Third Friday each month

Starts:        Friday 7th February - 4th December 2020

Time:          1.00 - 2.30pm 

Presenter:  Marjorie Tillyer.   (Ph: 8391 3671)

Venue:        Mount Barker Library.


We are a reading group – read what you like and discuss it with us, or perhaps read a book brought along by another member.  This way we share our love of reading and are introduced to different authors and their writing. 


New members are welcome!





Starts:        5th February – 2nd December 2020

Time:          1.30 - 3.30 pm 

Day:            First and third Wednesday of the month

Presenter:  Jackie Mussared  Ph: 0417 842 694

Venue:        Community Room, Coventry Library, Stirling 

Let 2020 be the year when you acknowledge your secret interest in poetry!  Join us in studying poets and the times and places in which they wrote.  Study poems from the 1500s to the 21st century.  Learn to appreciate the techniques which poets use to make their poems memorable.



Starts:         10th Feb – 14th December 2020

Time:           2.00pm - 3.30pm 

Date:            2nd Monday of the month incl. public holidays

Presenter:   Merrilie Rowley   0400 268 214

Venue:         Aldgate Toy Library,  Fenchurch Street


The Book Group is an enthusiastic reading group who have been meeting for many years, albeit with an everchanging group of participants! We try hard to read our monthly book and always enjoy a lively discussion, quite often with varying viewpoints. The books are all novels and chosen to represent diverse cultural backgrounds and authors. Members source own books – contact Merrilie if you need help with this.


(Participants source own books.)

Feb 10   The Ladies Paradise – Emil Zola

Mar 9     Midwinter Break – Bernard MacLaverty

Apr 13    Signs for Lost Children – Sarah Moss

May 11   Family Life – Akhil Sharma

Jun 8     July’s People – Nadine Gordimer

Jul 13     Purple Hibiscus – Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

Aug 10   Singapore Grip – J.G. Farrell

Sep 14   The Gustav Sonata – Rose Tremain

Oct 12    Dark Places – Kate Grenville

Nov 9     Life Class – Pat Barker

Dec 14   Conversations with Friends – Sally Rooney



Day:           2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month (in term time)

Starts:       28th January – 24th November 2020

Time:         10:00am - 12:00noon

Presenter:  Lyn Dickason.  Ph: 0468 870 895

Venue:        Littlehampton Uniting Church

A relaxed group who enjoy writing in all its many styles.  We have fun writing and sharing short stories over refreshments and support each other in friendship. 


Please bring writing book & pen.





Presenter:  Tony Rogers

Venue:        CFS Hall, 21 Strathablyb Rd, Aldgate

Day:           Tuesday, weekly (excluding school holidays)

Starts:        4th February– 8th December 2020

Time:         10am - 12noon

Creative writing is a way of expressing yourself, entertaining others and of sharing one's experiences. You can pretend anything you want and help your readers do the same.  If you have stories and ideas you would like to put on paper, come and get some hints - you may find it is more fun than you expected.  If you are already a keen writer, then share your ideas.  The course will be structured around participant's interests and needs.




Presenter:   Nina Chicco  Ph: 8339 3775   0400 425 123

Venue:         Coventry Library, Stirling

Day:             Friday, fortnightly (excluding school holidays)

Starts:         31st January- 11th December 2020

Time:           2pm - 4pm

We will be studying such famous classics as To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, and asking what makes these works great examples of fiction. Other works will be added later on in the year.


Presenter:  Lyn Dickason  0468 870 895

Venue:        Mt Barker Community Centre, Dumas Rd

Day:           1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month

Starts:        4th Feb - 1st Dec (excluding school hols)  

Time:         10.00am - 12.00pm


Enjoy jotting down your thoughts, making up stories for your grandchildren, scribbling poetry or just love writing?  We are a friendly happy group who share a laugh over our writing.  Please note enrolments will only be accepted in either LH5 or LH6


Presenter:    Fred Guilhaus   0407 792 334

Venue:          The Oak, Uniting Church,

                      409 Mt Barker Road, Bridgewater

Day:              Wednesday, fortnightly

Starts:          12th Feb – 1st Jul (excluding school hols)

Time:            10am - 12 noon


You must want to write a short story or a novel. This course is for fiction writers only. We shall attempt to write that story you have always wanted to write.  The presenter has five published novels, all with positive reviews and the course will progress your work in an open forum. (Must be an avid reader of fiction and have some skill in writing fiction.)


Presenter:   Michele Langman   8391 0497

Venue:         Mt Barker Library, Mt Barker 


Day:             Monday, weekly

Starts:          3rd Feb – 29th June

Time:           10am - 12 noon


For people with reasonable writing experience wanting to stimulate creative writing skills in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. By meeting weekly we develop writing practice and by reading our work to each other we develop confidence.  While positive responses are given, critiquing is not. Emphasis is sharing the unique possibilities of each other’s writing. 



Presenter:   Tony Rogers    0402 414 150

Venue:        CFS Hall, 21 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate  


Day:            1st & 3rd  Thursdays (except school hols)

Starts:         6th Feb. – 3rd Dec

Time:          10am - 12noon


We look at what history is, what it is not and what it can do for you. We discuss the gathering of information and the writing of history. There will be a particular emphasis on talking to people: developing effective interview techniques to gather oral information, putting that information into written form and then using the evidence to ask questions of the past.


This course will help you write the history you want to write.


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