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 2024 Program 

Members and intending members can now view the program in either the static paper form (current when developed) or through the up-to-date online version. 


The 'Paper' Program is more useful if you wish to print the program, but bear in mind, there may be many amendments since it was written which will not necessarily be incorporated.  


As the online program is always current, it will show when a class is full (waitlisted), any modifications such as venue changes and if an activity is deferred or cancelled.   


PLEASE NOTE: While you can view the program here, to enrol in courses and activities of your choice, you need to be a financial member and logged in. 


You are welcome to join an activity once as a guest to ascertain if it is for you but, for a variety of reasons, you must advise the relevant course contact person of your intention to do so.

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