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Enrolling Guidelines

Please note, enrolments cannot be accepted until you have paid the membership fee


1.  Log in by clicking the red button below.  From this screen you can update your personal details or change your password by clicking Update Profile. (If you have forgotten your password, click that button and your PIN and password will be emailed to you.)


2.  Click Classes 2023You will be able to view the full program, only those on the days of the week you have available or just by the categories you are interested in.  The up-to-date status of every activity is listed in green on the far right hand side.  Those that are full will be identified as Waitlist


3.  Enrol in the activities of your choice by clicking on the box above the word Request, and complete the process by clicking Next at the bottom of the screen.  If you omit this step, your enrolments will not be received.  Clicking Next returns you to your enrolments and displays all the activities you have enrolled in or are waitlisted for, and gives you the option of printing the page if you wish a paper record.

4.  Click Exit to log out.  

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